Working in partnership 
moves Hayward forward! 

Elisa’s Priorities

  • COVID-19 Economic Recovery:
    • Help local businesses reopen as soon as it is safe.
    • Expand the City of Hayward’s Business Concierge Program, in light of COVID-19 to include incentives, flexibility with permitting and technical support to grow our local economy
      and tax base. 
    • Attract and retain businesses, including advanced industries that provide a living wage and medical benefits to Hayward residents. 
    • Re-establish business engagement and referral process to Alameda County Workforce Development Board to address the immediate workforce needs. 
    • Secure funding from the Federal Government, State of California, and grants to leverage resources and support local COVID-19 economic recovery. 
    • Respond to the health and safety needs of our community members negatively impacted by COVID-19. 

  • Promote Quality of Life for all Hayward Residents:
    • Adopt policies to create more jobs, stable housing and meeting basic needs to improve outcomes for Hayward residents. 
    • Decrease the number of unhoused community members by identifying funding and implementing the Homelessness Reduction Strategic Plan. 
    • Continue to listen and respond to neighborhood specific concerns. 
    • Create inviting public spaces by adding murals, public art, lighting and community beautification projects that will naturally lead to an increase in walking and biking.
    • Strengthen public-private partnerships and collaboration with HUSD, CSUEB, Chabot Community College and all other educational institutions in Hayward. 

  • Enhance Hayward’s Leadership on Climate Change:
    • Reduce dependency on fossil fuels by requiring EV charging stations in all new residential, commercial and retail developments.
    • Provide incentives to convert natural gas appliances to electric. 
    • Complete Shoreline Master Plan, to provide the necessary policies to mitigate against and adapt to rising sea levels.  
    • Update the Tree Preservation Ordinance and plant 1,000 trees annually to improve air quality, mitigate warm weather and enhance aesthetics.  
    • Adopt the Pedestrian and Bike Master Plan, to provide a universally accessible safe, convenient and integrated system that promotes walking and biking.  

  • Foster a SAFE Hayward:
    • Engage the community at large and solicit input from families, neighborhoods, social justice advocates, faith leaders and the business community to discuss and come to a shared vision on how we transform public safety in Hayward. 
    • Continue to improve relationships between officers, residents, youth, seniors and business owners with community forums, neighborhood alert program, Coffee with a Cop, and new technologies to address constituents’ concerns.
    • Ensure Fire and Police have the support, technology and training they need to be effective.
    • Address speeding, illegal dumping, blight and graffiti. 
    • Recognize and celebrate “role models” that strive to achieve a More Caring Hayward Community

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