Working together, we can live, work, play, grow and thrive in Hayward.

A SAFE, Caring Hayward:

  • Renew Measure D, our voter-approved Utility Users Tax, which will soon expire, that today is a primary source of revenue for the City to provide essential city services—especially vital police and fire services.
  • Properly manage Measure C funding, which supports Police and Fire services.
  • Ensure Police and Fire have the support, technology and training they need to be effective.
  • Support the use of new technologies to maintain and improve community safety.
  • Support Community Policing as simply “the way we police” in Hayward.
  • Continue to improve relationships between officers, residents, youth, seniors and business owners with community forums, neighborhood alert program, Coffee with a Cop, and new technologies to address constituents’ safety concerns.
  • Recognize and celebrate “role models” that strive to achieve a More Caring Hayward Community.

A Strong, Vibrant Local Economy:

  • Position Hayward for PROSPERITY.  Retain existing businesses AND attract new investment to Hayward.
  • Advocate for a Hayward community culture and quality of life that supports working families.
  • Revise The City’s Economic Strategic Plan and expand the City’s Business Concierge Program.
  • Ensure a fiscally strong City - continue to make fiscally sound decisions.
  • Support job growth and industry expansion that help our local economy grow and thrive.
  • Continue to create new entertainment, dining and retail opportunities.   
  • Prioritize investment in infrastructure, lighting and aesthetics along Hayward’s major gateways.

A Sustainable, Green Hayward:

  • Continue to support Implementation of the City’s Climate Action Plan, including annual progress reports.
  • Implement a system to track the reduction in our carbon footprint by consuming goods made in Hayward.
  • Implement a City policy to procure services from vendors, caterers and businesses in Hayward.
  • Implement City policies to promote public transportation and reduce car dependency.
  • Explore possible use of bike-share programs.

A Thriving, Engaged Hayward Community:

  • Advocate for community involvement!  (People being a part of the process creates a stronger community!)
  • Employ existing/new technologies to increase community interest, awareness, engagement and action.
  • Support a more accessible and responsive city government. 
  • Advocate for “Rediscovering Hayward” - Emphasize all of our amazing amenities, educational institutions, open space and parks, and unique community assets.
  • Strengthen public-private partnerships and collaboration, especially with HUSD, CSUEB, Chabot Community College and Hayward’s many private schools.
  • Adopt policies that enhance opportunities to live, work, play and grow in Hayward

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