Elisa Márquez for Hayward City Council




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Elisa’s Candidate Statement


It is an honor serving you on the Hayward City Council.  My experience as a mother, lifelong Hayward resident, homeowner, volunteer and working professional, guide me every day helping to build  a better Hayward.  In 2016, I promised to work with you to create a safer, more sustainable, and engaged Hayward community. Working together, we have built hundreds of affordable homes, new vibrant parks, established a homeless navigation center, increased the number of Hayward businesses, and attracted quality jobs. We opened our 21st century library and helped increase HUSD student achievement with City-sponsored tutoring. 

Now, because the COVID-19 pandemic has created unprecedented challenges for Hayward families, seniors, essential workers, businesses and others, I’m working tirelessly with community partners to help those most in need: establishing an emergency moratorium on home evictions; opening the nation’s first free public COVID-19 testing site; establishing food distribution sites; providing free personal protective equipment to local businesses; conducting wellness checks on seniors; and more. 

Your support will help me continue providing steady leadership when it’s needed most.  Working together, we can keep our community safe, beat COVID-19, and ensure a brighter future for Hayward. I’d appreciate your vote for re-election. 


Thank you! 

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